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Let Oak Street Funding® help you find an RIA firm to buy

Want to find an RIA firm to buy? You’ve come to the right place.  On Oak Street Funding’s RIA Firm Exchange, buyers and sellers can review each other’s firm information and request details from Oak Street Funding to begin the merger or acquisition process.

We’ve built two tools to help you achieve your goal- the opportunity to list yourself in our Buyer Directory, or search our Listings for Sale to see profiles of firms that are currently for sale.

Additionally, you can sign up to receive alerts as new buyers or sellers join our marketplace.

Join our Buyer Directory

Some RIAs may be hesitant to list their firms for sale publicly.  Our Buyer Directory gives you the chance to meet potential sellers that would normally be beyond your current network.  By listing the parameters that define your ideal firm acquisition, sellers can determine if you would be interested in what they have to offer.  To join our Buyer Directory, please fill out the form below.  An Oak Street Funding representative will connect with you shortly to review your listing, where you can provide as much detail as you like, or maintain a level of anonymity.

Want to find a firm for sale?

Seller Listings are a way for RIAs who want to buy a practice to review what is available in their market. Complete as few or as many of the fields below to find a firm listing that interests you.
Thank you for your posting regarding your interest to purchase a firm. You must be a licensed RIA or practice offering RIA services in the United States. You may request to remove your buyer listing at any time by sending an email to don.robison@oakstreetfunding.com, or via letter to Oak Street Funding, Attn: Don Robison, 8888 Keystone Crossing, Suite 1700, Indianapolis, IN 46240.
Potential sellers can view your listing and connect to you directly. Oak Street does not represent any buyer or seller that lists on RIAFirmExchange. Potential sellers and buyers are responsible for their own due diligence, negotiations, and documentation. Oak Street does not make any representations or warranties regarding any potential seller who may contact you through your listing. Similarly, Oak Street does not make any representations or warranties regarding any potential buyer who is listed on RIAFirmExchange.